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We enjoy having a positive impact upon society.  We use our knowledge of science, regulations and the international marketplace to deliver projects that add value to operations and strategic planning.  We partner with our customers to form long term relationships built on trust, quality, life science and the pursuit of a higher ideal—change for the better.



Efficiencies and solid decisions drive competitive advantages in the commercial, governmental and non-profit worlds. Rely on a consulting “A Team” to develop recommendations about how to improve your operations, access new markets and find international funds dedicated toward life science and health care issues.


Resource Management:

Pollution and loss of farmland are increasing problems both in established and developing economies. An established team of experts can provide fundamental ways of thinking about scarcity of water and food resources, as well as managing sustainable development.


Disease Monitoring:

Infectious diseases are playing a bigger role our lives. Our international contacts and network of professionals can assist you identify trends, take proactive measures and develop contingency plans for your employees.


Bioethics Education:

Advances in medicine are creating changes in our fundamental notions about life. This may create stressful situations for employees. Lower organizational stress and develop a framework to make decisions in grey areas by attending custom courses on bioethics and technology.


International Health:

Healthier societies are both happier and less expensive to maintain. Rely on experienced international health care experts to develop action plans to improve local health care delivery and take proactive measures to improve operating efficiencies.


International Regulations:

Regulations drive international business. Our experienced consultants can assist you navigate this archaic world of importing and exporting agricultural products, biohazards, safety protocols and management of medical and industrial waste.


Strategic Partnerships:

No organization is an island. As a startup we enjoy and welcome international partnerships that create new relationships and further business opportunities.