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The Southwell Group is a young and innovative venture committed to improving lives around the world by solving life science, environmental, and international health care related issues. Our services focus on helping raise living standards and offering practical environmental solutions and improvements to existing operations or planning on a project or strategic level.

Customers rely on us for scientifically driven insights and advice to better understand and navigate their chosen environment and achieve greater success. We leverage our backgrounds and international reach to impart our knowledge and experience of environments throughout the world with data points, ideas, vital insights and solutions to support existing operations, understand exciting new opportunities, and promote fact-based strategic planning.

The life, environmental, and health sciences can be complex but yet can offer very elegant and productive pathways forward for improved living and working conditions in many environments worldwide. We are a company that embraces this balance and champions environmental improvements in efficiency, safety and effectiveness for our commercial and non-profit clients alike.

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Efficiencies and solid decisions drive competitive advantages in the commercial, governmental and non-profit worlds. Rely on a consulting "A Team" to develop recommendations about how to improve your operations, access new markets and find international funds dedicated toward life science and health care issues.

Resource Management

Resource Management:

Pollution and loss of farmland are increasing problems both in established and developing economies. An established team of experts can provide fundamental ways of thinking about scarcity of water and food resources, as well as managing sustainable development.

Disease Monitoring

Disease Monitoring:

Infectious diseases are playing a bigger role our lives. Our international contacts and network of professionals can assist you identify trends, take proactive measures and develop contingency plans for your employees.

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